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I’m running to represent Maryland’s 8th District because we deserve a new kind of representation in Congress and a change to the partisanship and terrible tone in Washington.

Our government isn’t working for families. American families are frustrated and overwhelmed by the challenges of balancing their work and family responsibilities. For decades, the country’s domestic policy and politicians on both sides of the aisle have focused on the extremes and ignored the needs of young and middle class families.

As a husband, father, and step-father, I understand and empathize with the challenges and the frustration young and middle class families are dealing with. Importantly, I also understand where these problems come from. Professionally, I have dedicated my life to studying, teaching, writing about, and advocating for these crucial issues, especially for young people and middle class families. Through this combination of personal and professional experience, I have developed real solutions to the problems that our current representatives have been unable or unwilling to address.

Thank you for your interest in my campaign.

– Dave

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