• American families are frustrated by the challenges they face in trying to balance their personal and professional lives. This is especially true for young and middle class families. Unfortunately, federal domestic policies have ignored the needs of this majority of Americans. With nearly three decades experience researching, writing about, and advocating for a new American family policy, Dave is offering a unique approach to address the struggles faced by hardworking families who need options and the opportunity to raise their families the way they want. Read More About Dave's Plan →
  • Dave believes that we must keep our promises to the millions of retired Americans who worked hard and now depend on Social Security and Medicare. These landmark programs help define American values and Dave has a plan that will both increase benefits to the 36% of seniors who depend on Social Security for 90-100% of their retirement income and preserve the program for future generations. Read More About Dave's Plan →
  • U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East must be based on democratic values and our national interests. The United States and the State of Israel have enjoyed a unique partnership that is founded on common values, shared ideals, and mutual security interests. Dave Anderson served on the Board of Directors for the American Jewish Committee’s Washington regional chapter for over a decade and will be a strong, vocal advocate for America’s closest ally, Israel. Read More About Dave's Plan →
  • There are many factors that affect our economy. While Congress cannot fix everything, it does have the ability, and responsibility, to provide businesses with the resources they need to succeed in both domestic and foreign markets. Our current representatives in Congress have hurt the economy’s fragile recovery by basing decisions on unrelated ideological conflicts. In Congress, Dave will support efforts to help hard working Americans and their businesses to grow and expand without the troublesome barriers our current representatives have put in place. Read More About Dave's Plan →
  • Dave believes that access to quality, affordable healthcare is a human right. A proud supporter of the Affordable Care Act, in Congress Dave will fight to ensure that all Americans have access to the health services they deserve. Read More About Dave's Plan →
  • As a college professor, academic, and father, Dave truly knows the value of education and believes that it is our duty to invest in our future. In Congress, Dave will work to ensure that all students are given the tools and resources they need to succeed. Dave will fight to make higher education affordable and to ensure that our students and schools are fully equipped to address the needs of a 21st century, global economy. Read More About Dave's Plan →
  • Environmental policy is all at once a local, global, and moral issue. As citizens of the world, we are entrusted with the responsibility to preserve the natural world and its finite resources for future generations. Dave Anderson believes that it is possible to develop energy policies that protect the environment we all share and lower the cost of energy for Maryland families and businesses. Read More About Dave's Plan →
  • All Americans deserve to live life free of discrimination. Period. Irrespective of race, gender, composition, or sexual orientation, Dave Anderson believes that every American family deserves the right to live their lives with the same rights, responsibilities, and opportunities as everyone else. Read More About Dave's Plan →
  • The state of our transportation infrastructure should be a major concern for all Americans. A modern transportation network, including roads, rail, and air, is a vital part of a strong economy. The investments made by previous generations created a framework for sustainable economic development and competitiveness. As a member of Congress, Dave Anderson will support reinvestment in the modernization of America’s transportation infrastructure including a commitment to expand smart, functional mass-transit options like the Purple Line. Read More About Dave's Plan →

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