People in Maryland and across the United States are still recovering from the disastrous effects of the 2008-09 Great Recession and the American economy’s slow return. Dave will support efforts that will continue to revitalize the economy at the local, state, and national level.

Third Way Economics and Beyond

Dave is not a traditional Democrat who criticizes the business sector. He will work across the aisle and with business to create solutions that are suited to meet the demands and realities of the 21 st century.

Dave supports increasing the minimum wage and implementing stimulus programs and doesn’t see this as a conflict with the need to create an economic climate that promotes business growth. He supports tax incentives for business, especially for small businesses, and supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which will help American businesses compete internationally and grow our economy.

The realities of today’s global economy require blending different approaches to reach common goals. Party-line rhetoric will not help America move forward. Dave refuses to let our economy be hampered by rigid ideological agendas and will bring together the best of all ideas to strengthen our economy for everyone, especially hard-working American families.

The Moynihan Approach

Dave will use his own scholarship to clarify hard policy questions in Washington and create real solutions to complex economic problems. In 2010 Dave wrote a paper for the Brookings Institution called “The Age of Leverage,” which became the basis for a book that was published in 2014, Leveraging: A Political, Economic, and Societal Framework.

The framework shows how different societal sectors – the economy, politics, international relations, and even the family – all involve three kinds of leveraging – bargaining leverage, resource leverage, and investment leverage. Leveraging can be used effectively toward good ends, but it can also be used excessively and cause harm. Leveraging can also be under-used, which leads to missed opportunities. Dave’s work shows how our shared goals are best promoted when the right amount of leverage is used.

Many of the debates on Capitol Hill deal with the topics in Dave’s academic and policy writings, including the housing crisis, environmentally sustainable communities, and community mortgages; labor-management relations; paid parental leave; and China’s role in the international economy.

Dave looks to heroic figures like former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who is said to have written more books than many Senators read, for inspiration, and will introduce a new vocabulary and new themes to the tired and fruitless debates that have defined Capitol Hill in recent years.

Addressing Dysfunction With New Ideas

The dysfunction and party-line rhetoric in Washington isn’t helping American families, and it isn’t helping the American economy grow. Dave believes that the Congress can do better. As a member of Congress, Dave will advocate for real solutions to the issues facing American families, not pander to outdated policies or partisan talking points. He will introduce concepts and arguments that stem from his interdisciplinary scholarship. Moreover, having worked effectively with Democratic and Republican state representatives, state senators, and governors in 20 states, Dave will unite his academic background with his practical politics background to find common ground between parties to achieve results that will serve the interests of Maryland’s 8 th Congressional District.

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