Dave is a proud supporter of the Affordable Care Act and believes that access to quality, affordable healthcare is a right. The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court. As a result, millions of Americans are now covered by health insurance. Of course, any piece of legislation with the scope and impact of the ACA will need to be tweaked and adapted to meet changing times. Rather than hardline positions, Dave will support efforts to make the ACA work for American families and businesses.

Dave supports a woman’s right to choose, and supports access to health and family planning services. Dave does not believe that the government should interfere with the personal health choices that should be made between a woman and her doctor.

Maternal Health

Dave has worked hand in hand on various maternal health projects with his wife Adrienne, including advocating for a Postpartum Depression bill in the Maryland State Legislature in 2003.

Dave’s wife Adrienne suffered Postpartum Depression after the birth of their daughter Eden. They worked with then-House Delegate (now Senator) Brian Feldman and several other organizations to get a law passed to make it mandatory for hospitals to distribute information to expecting mothers and their partners about Postpartum Depression. The bill passed the full House and the Maryland Hospital Association agreed to voluntarily distribute information.

Dave was also instrumental in the creation of Safermaternity.org, which was founded by Adrienne. And he collaborated with Adrienne in her work with The White Ribbon Alliance, an international organization that addresses issues of maternal death and morbidity.


Dave will fight for funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which currently receives $30 billion of funding. The current funding level of the NIH is too low and it is part of discretionary funding, not a permanent feature of the budget.1 Dave believes that funding for NIH should be raised to $40 billion and made a permanent line in the budget.

Our country depends on the invaluable research done by NIH to continue the ongoing struggle to cure cancer, autoimmune diseases, and heart disease as well as to improve our national ability to diagnose and prevent these and all other diseases and health conditions.

Dave’s father-in-law died of pancreatic cancer and family members on both sides struggle with heart disease. His personal experience with these diseases has informed his firm commitment to enhance America’s ability to defend against our most critical public health challenges.

Mental Health

Dave also is a strong supporter of increased awareness of mental health issues and increased funding at the national level for mental health research and program development, especially as it relates to struggling families.

Mental health issues affect everyone. Dave will support efforts to ensure that every American affected by mental health issues has the tools and resources needed to address this growing challenge.

His book Leveraging also contains two chapters, which he authored, that address a series of social and psychological issues about relations between married couples, parent-child relations, and family therapy.

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