It is our duty to ensure that America’s seniors are protected and no one should have to make the choice between food and medicine. Nearly 40% of Social Security beneficiaries rely on the program for between 90% and 100% of their retirement income. For these individuals, Dave wants to increase their monthly payments by $70 a month ($840 a year). If you live on $16,000 a year, an additional $840 would be of great value. This increase would be a fraction of the cost of the current system and provide a significant increase to the health and welfare of our seniors.

In addition to expanding this crucial program, Dave is also committed to ensuring that it will be around for future generations. Experts estimate that in 2033 there will only be 77 cents on the dollar to pay recipients of Social Security. Dave supports extending the eligibility age by two years, from 62 to 64 for early retirement and from 67 to 69 for the normal retirement age, over a ten year period. For instance, if a change was made in 2017 it would only affect people who are under 52 in 2017. Thanks to excellent healthcare Americans are living longer. This is the most logical and responsible thing to do in order to keep this vital system economically viable for future generations.

Dave does not take a party line position. As in many of his positions, he creates a solution which draws ideas from viewpoints typically viewed as opposing. Thus Dave thinks both that we must give more to those who need help the most and ask most young and middle-aged Americans to wait longer before they retire. This is a realistic progressive solution to the Social Security challenge. Dave’s scholarship in feminist theory, including the ethics of care tradition and feminist family therapy, and his work with the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University led him to create strategies for “uniting the generations.” His family plan and his Social Security plan both fit into a larger strategy to unite grandparents, parents, and children, both within individual families and across families.

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