Dave served on the Board of Directors for the American Jewish Committee’s Washington regional chapter for over a decade and has been a strong advocate for Israel as one of the United States’ closest allies.

An early opponent of the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear deal, his opposition is based on the fact that the deal provides the path for Iran to increase its sponsorship of terrorism and even conventional war in the Middle East.

The agreement immediately provides Iran with over $100 billion in sanctions relief without any tie to their compliance. In effect, we are giving away decades of hard-fought leverage and eliminating any incentive for Tehran to comply with the agreement.

Dave supports a diplomatic approach and applauds the efforts of the Administration to come to an agreement. Unfortunately, the deal that they arrived at gives too much away all at once and without any safeguards to protect the United States and our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. That Iran will still have nuclear weapon capabilities within 10 to 15 years is just unacceptable. The United States can and should do better.

Dave’s family belonged to a Conservative Congregation in Ventnor, New Jersey, until he was 11. The family lived in Margate. They shifted to a Reform Congregation in the late 1960s. Dave and his wife Adrienne joined a Reconstructionist Congregation in the late 1990s, Adat Shalom Congregation in Bethesda. Dave’s family on his mother’s side traces back to the Kimchi scholars in the Middle Ages. His Great Aunt Deborah Melamed was the author of the classic book for young Jewish women, The Three Pillars. His parents, who still live in South Jersey, are also authors.

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