The state of our transportation infrastructure should be a major concern for all Americans. A modern transportation network, including roads, rail, and air, is a vital part of a strong economy. The investments made by previous generations created a framework for sustainable economic development and competitiveness. As a member of Congress, Dave Anderson will support reinvestment in the modernization of America’s transportation infrastructure including a commitment to expand smart, functional mass-transit options like the Purple Line.

In Maryland’s 8th Congressional District, like everywhere else in the United States, a failure to invest in upkeep and modernization of our shared transportation network has resulted in increased traffic, failing roads and bridges, and unacceptable maintenance backlogs. If our District and our country are going to be successful, we must make it a priority to bring our transportation infrastructure into the 21st century.

Purple Line

Dave supports construction of the Purple Line. Mass transit investments in the past have been very good to the Washington Region. They also play an important role in decreasing road congestion and easing commutes. A connection between Bethesda and Silver Spring is a common sense improvement to the Metro’s spokes-on-a-wheel layout. Governor Hogan’s proposal to decrease the regularity of train service on the Purple Line is a mistake and could decrease ridership; regular and timely train service is critical to attract early adopters.

While Dave supports investing in this important revitalization of Maryland’s mass-transit network, he would work with residents and stakeholders to ensure that the line is built responsibly and in the least disruptive way possible. This includes finding ways to safely route bike traffic over Wisconsin Avenue an insisting that shade trees be planted along the section of the Purple Line that would run next to the bike path.

Dave would insist that the Purple Line fare system accept SmartTrip cards so residents can seamlessly transfer from Metro.


Dave supports increasing federal funding to Metro. The Capital Region’s mass-transit system is good for commuters, good for employers, and good for the environment. The system has suffered from lack of funding over past decades and more robust funding will create opportunities to revitalize the Metro System including increasing the number of 8-car trains during rush hour, supporting much needed track maintenance, and lowering fares.

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